Honor Spinoff Reveals Huawei’s Plans to Work with Intel and NVIDIA: Company Confirmed Partnership with AMD and Microsoft

Honor Spinoff Reveals Huawei’s Plans to Work with Intel and NVIDIA: Company Confirmed Partnership with AMD and Microsoft  ( Screenshot From Discovr YouTube )

Huawei’s recent smartphone spinoff revealed its brand new devices on Friday which surprisingly featured certain chips coming from MediaTek, Intel, and even NVIDIA. The company then said that it was able to reach agreements along with global partners in order to resume its supplies that were cut off by the United States sanction in the past.

Huawei Honor in talks with Samsung, Qualcomm, and more

According to the story by Bloomberg, more of the known suppliers of the Honor Device Co., the new budget phone brand that started to be sold by Huawei back in November, have reportedly started doing business again with the recently created company. Honor’s own chief executive George Zhao gave that information in a statement.

It was stated that there is no restriction when it comes to choosing their component and software suppliers, according to George Zhao who added that they are also in talks with other firms. The firms that Zhao is looking at as of the moment are Qualcomm, Micron Technology, Advanced Micro Devices, and even Samsung Electronics Co.

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Shenzhen-based Huawei

Huawei has reportedly hived off its Honor to the Chinese government-backed consortium some time last year as the new technology giant had grappled with problems with the previous administration sanctions that had even cut off its own supply of mobile chipsets. The particular Shenzhen-based company was even said to have safeguarded its main telecom equipment business by being able to stockpile critical components for it to continue supplying it’s home country’s very own 5G rollout. However it had lacked inventory for its very own smartphone business, which was at some point even larger than Samsung.

Honor’s reportedly latest smartphones even featured the fifth-generation wireless capability that uses mobile chips reportedly developed by a certain Taiwanese chipmaker known as MediaTek, the company had announced on Friday. It’s brand new laptop is said to be equipped along with Intel’s very own CPU and GPU that were both made by NVIDIA.

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Honor confirms partnership with top tech companies

According to the company’s statement, uploaded to HiHonor, which had announced its brand new lineup, based on the global consumer needs, Honor currently has both the flexibility and the independence in order for it to choose the best solution for its wide global supply chain. It was also stated that Honor has already confirmed its partnership along with leading suppliers which included Microsoft, AMD, Intel, MediaTek, Micron Technology, Qualcomm, SK Hynix, Samsung, and even Sony.

With Huawei’s massive partners with the top chipmakers from all around the world, there could be a significant change in the type of smartphones that it will be able to sell to the rest of the world. While Huawei has had a rough time in the US due to the previous administration, it still remains to be seen if the company’s relationship with the US will improved under the new administration.


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